Sparkling drinks


Humans need liquid and thirst is there to be quenched. And nothing goes better with a delicious meal than a refreshing drink.

Sparkling drinks

Coca-Cola zero

Coca-Cola zero

Enjoy a cold, refreshing and sparkling Lemonade.

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0 - contains a phenylalanine source; 2 - contains caffeine; 4 - with dye; 8 - with sweeteners; 9 - with acidulant
A - contains cereals containing gluten (P - wheat); B - contains eggs or egg products; D - contains milk or milk products including lactose

Nutritional values

0,5 l1,5 l100ml
Energy in kJ5141
Energy in kcal130
Fat in g0,00,00,0
- of which are saturates in g0,00,00,0
Carbohydrates in g0,00,00,0
- of which are sugars in g0,00,00,0
Protein in g0,00,00,0
Salt in g0,10,30,02

All nutritional information is derived from analyzes in recognized laboratories and in some cases calculated. They are based on the standard recipes of the products. Differences in portion size and the production of ingredients can influence the information on the individual products. Likewise supply sources or natural fluctuations.

Product or recipe changes are possible and are updated at regular intervals. All information is subject to change without notice. They are correct at the time of publication and reflect the current status. Cross-contamination of the individual ingredients, as well as technologically unavoidable contamination of the individual products cannot be excluded. No guarantee can be given that the information is 100% complete. Errors and misprints reserved. As of June 2018

Product information

Bezeichnung:Coca-Cola zero 0,5 l PET
Verantwortliches Unternehmen:Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke GmbH, Postfach 67 01 56, 10207 Berlin
Produktbeschreibung:kalorienfreies, koffeinhaltiges Erfrischungsgetränk mit Pflanzenextrakten, mit Süßungsmitteln
Aufbewahrungs- und Verwendungshinweise:Kühl und trocken lagern!
Zutatenverzeichnis:Wasser, Kohlensäure, Farbstoff E 150d, Süßungsmittel (Natriumcyclamat, Acesulfam K, Aspartam), Aroma, säureregulator Natriumcitrate, Aroma Koffein. Enthält eine Phenylalaninquelle.