Quality & delivery times

Quality &
delivery times

A successful pizza delivery service requires more: True to our slogan "More Pizza is impossible." we have perfected our service over the years.

Quality & delivery times


Even the best product does not have a chance, when the service is poor. At Call a Pizza, every customer is taken seriously and can count on the Call a Pizza service. The friendly telephone communication, along with the professional delivery with the use of our patented “hot safes”, are only two of many factors for a successful business.

Call a Pizza respects the customer and understand him or her. Call a Pizza knows how irritating it can be, when an order is a little late. With a sincere apology, Call a Pizza compensates for these unlikely occurrences. Every employee in every store strives to win the compassion of the customers. The Call a Pizza fan base can only grow when these guidelines are respected. Friendliness and an incomparable service play a meaningful role at Call a Pizza.

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Details make
the difference!

The smallest of details play
the biggest roles at Call a Pizza.
Little details can be the difference
between success and failure.
You will find relevant details
in every business sector.
For example…